About The Company

RGS Global Cambodia – Making Every Moment Count.
RGS Holdings Group of Companies was set up in 2012. It’s businesses was built from the ground up, addressing a very sincere and genuine need; to be a company who can be trusted and relied upon for every investor.


RGS (Global), where the River Flows there is Life. Known for his sharp business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, Sherman had held the position of a Division Director in the biggest real estate company with a team of 200 agents under his direct supervision for many years before moving on to become the current FOUNDER/CEO of RGS Holdings Pte Ltd, a Gold Hedging Company with revenue of more than $100 MILLION. He brings with him a successful track record of wealth and investment management and performance, corporate financing and real come to help investors transform their dream of being wealthy into reality. Sherman’s philosophy in creating that long-term success requires everyone to benefit. The company, its employees, service providers and most importantly investors. His emphasis in creating goodwill, integrity and most importantly investor protection is fundamental to his principle.


Companies are taking an increasingly close look at the Cambodian market, both as a low-cost offshore production base and as a destination for their goods and services.

While most countries’ developed economy has slowed to a crawl, Cambodia’s gross domestic product has been growing at more than 7 per cent a year for much of the last decade.

As of 2014, accumulated FDI value in real estates was US$ 2.9 billion, while total investments in real estate was US$ 7.1 billion over the first 7 months of 2016, indicating a 719% increase.

Cambodia’s property market is heating up, with foreign developers from China, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea looking to expand the footprint in the fast-growing city, launching massive amount of projects ranging from condominiums, apartments, office buildings, industrial to entire towns.
To facilitate the rapid increase in flights and travels requirement, Phnom Penh will be having a new domestic airport at the cost of US$ 23 million.